This is how we first started

diaspoCC (diaspo Community Center) started in summer 2016 as an idea. First goal was to provide a service platform, which fit needs of African leaving abroad.

The idea came within the benevolent engagement of its Founder in a non-profitable organization Challenge Camerounais e.V in Darmstadt, Germany.This idea was materialized as diaspoCC’s first partrner accepted, for the first time in his history, to sponsor a cultural event outside of Cameroon. This was the beginning of this fantastic and challenging journey…

We had a lot of challenges: Technical challenges, but most of all cultural ones. Only the passion helped overcome them all and we are so proud to have reached this huge milestone, which is having this platform up and running offering a remote and completely digitalized enrollment service for our partner.
Hierwith, MTN becomes the first company on the continent providing such a service.

And, this is just the beginning…

We are working on extending services on our platform in term of enhancing those already available and by onboarding new partners. We offer our partners the opportunity to expose their services outside their common boundaries. Our partners are selected according the demand of those who set their trust on us: Our community.

Our community is everyone with mixed cultural background, from different origin and with love and attachment to the African continent. But also, those believing on the unleashed potential of this amazing region of the world.

Go the next step today, join the community and experience how fantastic we can be together!